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Personagem: rachel
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Kolkin, 13, will appear on Glee on Tuesday as a young Kurt Hummel in a series of vignettes flashing back to Kurt as an 8-year-old at his mother's funeral.

The resemblance Kolkin has with Chris Colfer (Kurt) is so uncanny even the casting directors were taken aback when Kolkin walked in the room for his screen test.

"They all kept saying, 'Oh my God, oh my God," Kolkin recalled.

He read his lines and left but was followed out by a casting director and brought in for an additional audition where he was asked to sing, further impressing the casting directors.

"I had prepared 'Walking on Sunshine'," he said. "They were really surprised."

Kolkin landed the role the following day and filmed the episode in August. He spent a day on the set filming various scenes for the flashback montage and hanging out with Glee stars including Mike O'Malley, who plays Kurt's father, Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Cory Montieth (Finn Hudson).

And although Colfer was not scheduled to film that day, he stopped by the set to meet the younger version of his character, Kurt.

"It was so cool," he said. "They were really nice."

Kolkin said he hadn't seen the show before auditioning for the part but started watching to learn more about the character he would be playing and now he's hooked.

In watching the show, he learned his upcoming high school years may have some parallels to the Glee characters.

One day before his audition, Kolkin watched Los Alamitos High School's award-winning show choir perform and made the decision to become a member of the school's own version of Glee.

"I had heard the show choir was really good and I was interested in auditioning," he said. "I wasn't in Xtreme when I did the show but I am now."

Although this will be Kolkin's first scripted part in a television show, he is no stranger to the acting scene.

He started working as a movie and television extra at age 9 when he begged his mom to start taking him to auditions.

"When my two older kids were really little I used to take them on auditions all the time so I said no way - been there, done that, not doing it again," Jen Kolkin said. "He bugged me for a year so I took him to shoot as an extra and thought he could try that and see if he likes it."

Kolkin liked the scene but he no longer wanted to be in the background.

"I got bored," he said.

At age 10, Kolkin found himself a manager and appeared in a swath of commercials including ads for Disney, Clorox, Advil and LG phones, among others.

He got in to acting classes and discovered along the way he had a natural talent for singing.

Kolkin said he hopes Glee will be a major break for him – the show continues to charm critics and has become one of the most popular shows on television.

"I want to (one day) hopefully land a big movie and be recognized," he said.

For now, Kolkin will take his growing local fame and the recognition he is getting from his peers at Los Alamitos High.

"People have been coming up to me and saying 'Are you Adam? Are you on Glee?" he said.

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